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Deck Shield was developed to permanently seal, waterproof, and harden wood products. The sealant is water based, non-toxic and non-flammable. It is NOT a WOOD FINISH, as it works INTERNALLY to harden and densify the wood – thereby protecting it and extending the useful life of wood structures.

The proprietary catalyst in Deck Shield allows it to penetrate through the layers of cells in the wood, where it reacts with both the acids and the alkali present in the individual cells of most woods forming an aero silica gel membrane on the surfaces of the cell walls. This membrane forms an internal seal and barrier against water and other causes of deterioration.

Over the 6 to 12 months following application, the aero silica gel membrane formed will hydrate and
harden into glass petrifying the wood treated and is effective whether applied on surfaces that will be
above or below grade. The Deck Shield process will not permanently alter the color, texture, or any other physical characteristic of the natural wood to which it is applied. This Life Time Sealant provides a prepared surface 300% more effective than wood in the bonding of varnish, stains, paint and mastics. It leaves a “bondable” surface to which a wide variety of coatings, stains or paints can be applied, including poly ureas / and urethanes.

• Eliminates need for constant reapplication of wood finishes
• A one-time application will petrify the wood to the depth penetrated
• Leaves clear, natural finish with no surface film
• Helps wood retain and structural integrity longer
• Decreases or eliminates deterioration and weathering
• Enables easier ice and snow removal
• Increases resistance to grease, oils and acids
• Non-toxic, environmentally and ecologically friendly
• Easy clean up with water

• Cedar Shakes
• Decks
• Fence Posts, Rails and Slats
• Wood Shingles
• Piers
• Window Boxes, Frames and Sash
• Wooden Planters
• Anything made of wood needing a longer life
• Serves as a “primer” to increase the bonding and sticking of paint and surface coatings.

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Deck Shield

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